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Last updated: 28 Mar 2013

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How do I find the online survey?

CLICK HERE TO LAUNCH the Residential survey

CLICK HERE TO LAUNCH the Business survey

I have lost the survey envelopes, where do I send my completed paper copy?

To our appointed data entry and analysis company using the following address:

Welford on Avon Neighbourhood Plan
c / o Warwick Network Limited
3 The Quadrant

Why does this survey matter?

Please checkout the briefing leaflet which should help explain in detail. Your response is vital to capture the true needs and requirements of parishioners that impact the planning process from property development to support service infrastructure.

It is our village so we should be deciding how it evolves over the next 15 years. This is your chance to have your say on those issues affected by planning.

What will you receive?

Over the weekend of the 23rd and 24th March 2013 we will be delivering surveys to every household and known business in the Parish.

You will receive a residential/household survey if you are a domestic dwelling, for a business we will be delivering a business version of the survey.

You will also receive two envelopes if you are a residential customer, one is a pre-addressed envelope to our independent data analysis company, this requires a stamp and saves the project money we can use later on. The second envelope is a pre-paid envelope which utilises Stratford District Council's Freepost facility. This means the survey response will be received by SDC but it will not be opened or processed by them.
All data entry and processing is by Warwick Network our selected independent data analysis company.

Businesses responding are provided with a printed version of the survey but we anticipate and expect most of them to complete the business survey online.
We are therefore not providing them with the Freepost option which has a cost to Welforward.

What is the timeline?

You have from 23rd/24th March to the 30th April 2013 to respond. Any response received after the 30th April will be discarded.

How do I respond?

Any resident over the age of 18 can respond as an individual but a family may choose to respond as a household, either approach is valid as we know the survey will take a little time to complete.
The optimal form of response is online as this ensures there are no errors in transcribing content from the printed versions of the survey. Of course we recognise many villagers will be uncomfortable using the internet which is why we have put our time into creating the printed version of the survey. We expect most businesses and homeworkers will elect to use the online survey.

What benefits will I see immediately?

In the very short term we anticipate the major benefit will be finding out about business activities in the village which may encourage villagers to buy more local services.
We have liaised with the key personnel handling the advertising in the Parish Magazine to ensure we have no conflict of interest and support their advertising.

When will the survey response help with planning matters?

The initial results will be useful ammunition for the Parish Council in making planning decisions as they will indicate the will of residents and businesses.
We expect initial results will be available in June but some statistics might be distilled out in May.
However, the survey response findings remain simply advisory until they achieve a legal status when the Neighbourhood Plan has been verified, checked for congruence with Stratford's Local Plan and the Government National Policy and then formally approved by village residents in a referendum which we anticipate will be in the first half of 2014.