Evidence Base: Policy HE1

Last updated: 19 Jun 2015

This page and associated pictures illustrate the key views across the village from various significant vantage points around the parish. Each view is represented by two .jpg files. The first, a wide angle photograph, the second a more focused exposure of a narrower angle.

To allow the .jpg files to be magnified and examined in detail they have been taken at the maximum definition obtainable with the equipment used. To allow the .jpg files to be readily down loadable each view shot is contained in a separate file folder for that view. Each .jpg file folder is designated numerically to correspond with the views described in Policy HE1 starting with "View towards St. Peter's Church and over the village from Cress Hill" the wide angle shot is designated.1a), the narrow angle 1b) and so forth for each view. Each .jpg file is detailed in the table on the following page, this table includes .jpg number; GPS coordinates of the position of where the shot was taken; and the compass bearing in the general direction of the photograph.. Each exposure has the exact location and compass bearing embedded in the .jpg file which can be viewed via the programme below.

It should be noted that the equipment used is readily available to an amateur, therefore, due allowance and a suitable range of tolerance be taken into account when using the GPS and compass bearing data.
The equipment and applications used are as follows:-

Cherished Views
View View Name Image File GPS Coordinates Compass Bearing
Number North West Cardinal Degrees
1a) View towards St. Peter's Church and over the village from Cress Hill. wide angle. DSCN0068 52°9.634' -1°47.798' North by East 05.11°
1b) Ditto. narrow angle. DSCN0069 52°9.634' -1°47.798' ditto 05.11°
2a) View of the Village from Welford Hill. wide angle. DSCN0096 52°9.479' -1°47.965' North by West 349.59°
2b) Ditto. narrow angle. DSCN0097 52°9.479' -1°47.965' ditto 338.11°
3a) View of the village, Old Station, Evesham Rd. wide angle. DSCN0071 52°10.573' -1°47.642' South by East 164.02°
3b) Ditto. narrow angle. DSCN0072 52°10.573' -1°47.642' ditto 164.02°
4a) View downstream, Binton Bridge. wide angle DSCN0078 52°10.555' -1°47.374' South-West by West 238.11°
4b) Ditto. narrow angle. DSCN0079 52°10.555' -1°47.374' ditto 238.11°
5a) View over Glebe Lands towards St Peter's Church wide angle. DSCN0085 52°10.207' -1°47.608' South-East by South 149.94°
5b) Ditto. narrow angle. DSCN0090 52°10.207' -1°47.608' ditto 149.94°
6a) View towards Welford from Weston, Milcote Rd. junction narrow angle. DSCN0093 52°9.694' -1°46.148' South-West by West 250.46°
6b) Ditto. narrow angle DSCN0094 52°9.694' -1°46.148' ditto 240.42°
7a) View towards village Barton Rd. wide angle DSCN0104 52°9.675' -1°47.645' East by North 53.88°
7b) Ditto. narrow angle DSCN0105 52°9.675' -1°47.646' ditto 54.35°
8a) View south from Welford Hill wide angle. DSCN0099 52°9.044' -1°46.596' South 179.75°
8b) Ditto. narrow angle DSCN0101 52°9.044' -1°46.596' ditto 181.09°